We help photographers develop their most important assets -- their websites, social media pages, and their reputation. We do that through content creation and publicity. We don't design websites we create and edit the content that goes on those websites. Let's face it as photographers we have so much to do and hard to find time to create good content, let alone great content. More importantly we don't have time to update that content regularly. That's key. We can handle that... creating solid content on a regular basis so you always have something fresh on your websites and social media pages.

We also produce podcasts -- either hosted by us or we'll teach you how to be host your own podcast. 

The final piece to the puzzle is publicity. What's the best type of advertising? Free advertising. Publicity can get you free advertising. We can do everything from write the press release, to researching where to distribute it to in your market, and finally distribution and follow-up. The follow up is what's key and because of my 30 years working as a professional journalist - I can talk the talk