Portrait Journalism

Combining my two loves photography and journalism. I have been a journalist in many forms for nearly 30 years. Over my career I've been fortunate enough to interview Presidents and world leaders, pillars of business and industry, innovators, rock stars, movie stars and sports stars. I've also interview my share of bad people and people down on their luck. Most of all I've enjoyed interview every day people about what makes them tick.

Everyone Has a Story to Tell

One thing I've learned over the years is everyone has a story to tell. You might not think so, but time and time again, I've found the most interesting people in the most unlikely places. I want to tell your story. That's why I've created magazines featuring what I call "Portrait Journalism".

What is Portrait Journalism?

We start with a full portrait session where we create 20 amazing images. This could be entirely in the studio but we can also go "in the field" and capture you at home, at work, or doing your favorite hobby. Then we sit down and ask you 20 questions. We'll record the Q&A segment so we make sure we get the answers right. Here's where the fun begins. I take those 20 images and the 20 questions and answers and turn that into a beautiful full color magazine; just like you can buy on the store shelf. The questions and answers are printed in their entirety so nothing is ever taken out of context. Our initial package includes 10 magazines but you can buy more. 

Why Would I Want a Magazine of Myself?

There are lots of reasons. Our magazines are a great promotional tool for professionals. Send them to potential clients or leave them in your waiting room so your clients can learn more about you. It's a great way to make a human connection. Professionals know professionals. Plastic Surgeons can leave their magazines in nail or hair salons. Lawyers can leave their magazines in doctor's office waiting rooms. We can custom brand the magazine or we can use our Project 20Q branding -- so it looks a little less like self promotion.

Are you a non-profit who wants to put faces and stories together for your cause. I'll interview and take portraits of the people you help, or the volunteers who get the work done and turn those into beautiful, thought provoking magazines that you can share with potential donors. 

You don't need to be a professional to want one of our magazines. Portrait Journalism is a great way to capture the living history of family members. I'll sit down with grandma and/or grandpa, have them tell their life's story and take some beautiful portraits. The magazine would be a beautiful keepsake for your family to hand down from generation to generation. Buy magazines for all the kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids. Invite us to a family reunion or a wedding. We can do portraits and interview an entire family and turn that into a magazine. The stories we can pull out of people will make you laugh and might just require a box of tissues.

In addition to the printed magazines, you will get an interactive PDF version that you can use on your website, on social media or in e-mail campaigns.

What Does it Cost?

Our entry level package costs $5,000 and includes 20 studio portraits, the interview with one or two people, and 10 magazines. Additional costs might include location shoots, out of town travel, and additional magazines.  It's really a small investment when you think of the long term value.  

Available for Assignment

I am available for assignment worldwide for editorial Portrait Journalism projects. We can mold our concept to fit any publication. What works best is to publish several questions and portraits then drive readers to your website for the complete interview.

Book Today!

Give me a call at 310-220-5693 or send an email to bcb@brianbielanski.com to for any questions or to book your session. We can't wait to create a wonderful magazine with you!